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In order to walk the walk, you need to be able to talk the talk! Yes, when chartering a luxury yacht it’s super important to be up to date on the latest lingo and yachting etiquettes, that way you’ll not only be a natural when sailing the beautiful Cape Town water, but you’ll also be a super-star guest – win-win! You know what they say, perception is everything – so if you act like a private yachting pro, you will look like a private yachting pro and therefore you will BE a private yachting pro, get what I’m saying! So, now it’s up to us to make you into a luxury yacht natural – are you ready? Let the lesson commence! From how to treat the yacht to respecting the crew, here are a few guidelines to follow whilst on board a luxury yacht, this will ensure smooth sailing through even the choppiest conditions.

  1. Time to kick off your shoes: Luxury yachting is all about making bare feet GREAT again! Yip, when aboard a luxury yacht it is important to abide by the “bare feet” rule. Ladies, time to trade those high heels in for some beautiful, all-naturel bare feet. And gents, say goodbye to those black soles, there will be enough time to wear them while you’re ashore. And let’s be honest, doesn’t the thought of being barefoot and sun-kissed intrigue and excite you? I can see you nodding; you’re starting to like the sound of it aren’t you? But, if being barefoot isn’t quite your thing you are more than welcome to trade them in for some appropriate deck shoes. But we certainly recommend immersing yourself fully in this experience and rocking the bare feet with pride – if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly!

2)      Respect the yacht as it will respect you: It’s important to treat the luxury yacht like your home away from home. it’s important to remember that you are chartering the luxury yacht with the intention of returning it to the owner in the same pristine condition in which you received it – this means YES, have fun, go wild, live it up, soak it up & enjoy every single second of the Cape Town vibe, but also respect that it is someone else’s property and treat it like you would your own. This will not only assure that you will have the most incredible experience exploring Cape Town, but will guarantee that the owner will welcome you back with open arms for your next trip.

3)      Kids are cool, but always keep an eye on them: Kids are always welcome on a luxury yacht charter, but it’s important to always keep a watchful eye on them. Kids are curious, that’s for sure, and we just don’t ever want their curiosity to get the better of them!

Well, there you have it. Now it’s time to put your new learnt skills and knowledge to the test. Enjoy, and always remember, you are a Private Yachting Pro J

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